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We cater for Cafes with slab cakes, we supply cupcakes for delis and provide Bar-foils for supermarkets & convenience stores.

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Quality convenient slices and family sized portions are our speciality.

We are pleased that the MJ Creations Slices and Family Packs are popular throughout the Perth region.

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MJ Creations flourless range was created for the demand in the current market for a delicious flourless alternative.

Flourless & as delicious the entire as MJ Creations range.

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We think Christmas is a wonderful time of year for cakes!

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Simply Great Cakes

Our range of Cakes & Flourless Cakes include: Slab Cakes, Cupcakes, Bar-foil Cakes & Slices. Our products are supplied with detailed information including:

  • Ingredients of Cake
  • Ingredients of Icing
  • Weight of Product, Portion Size, Weight Per Portion
  • Allergen Statement
  • Shelf Life & Storage
  • Nutrition Information

Browse our Cakes, Slices and Flourless ranges for more information. We use Free Range Eggs in all of our cakes!

Our cakes are based on traditional home recipes!

MJ Creations delivers to our wholesale clients in the City (Perth), South, North and The Hills on different days and times.

Fancy an MJ Creations Cake? You're in luck. We have retailers offering our cakes throughout Perth, the CBD and the Hills!